Episode 159 – Anja Einseln Interview – Part 2

Anja Einseln Interview - Part 2

Anja Einseln Interview – Part 2

Glenn Langenburg and Eric Ray continue their interview with Anja Einseln regarding the merger of ASCLD-LAB and ANAB. Validation of methods and reasons for labs to choose accreditation are some of the many topics covered this time around.

“I had that exact conversation of “how do I talk my management into thinking about accreditation and what value it can add?” And the message I gave him and and I’m hoping this would be relevant to your listeners as well is it’s much like making an investment in education. Whether it’s a basic education finishing high school or getting that undergraduate degree or pursuing a graduate degree, we all as individuals or even as families make this investment in time and energy in supporting one another. Obviously, for those of you that have children that are in junior high or high school, it requires time and energy to get that student to sit down do their homework, write their papers, do the research, if you want them to go to college, make applications. This is not an easy process. This is requiring effort not only by that student but by their support structure, by their family members. Their coaches, their teachers are involved in that process. Similarly, moving on, getting an undergraduate or graduate degree, that’s not easy. That requires time and energy and research and effort and applying themselves to this process, and at the end you have this degree and that degree will take you to amazing places. And I consider that accreditation process and achieving accreditation much like receiving that degree. And it allows you to have collected a lot of information about yourself and about the world and then have those strategic and wonderful conversations with your peers. So I know it seems a little bit philosophical, but I do believe very much in both of those.”

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