Latent Print Consultation

Make the Latent Visible

This short phrase summarizes Ray Forensics. Every aspect of this company is focused on bringing to light what is hidden.

  • Fingerprints, hidden on an object and invisible to the naked eye, are revealed through processing techniques.
  • Accurate conclusions of identification, exclusion, or inconclusive are sought through the comparison process.
  • Transparent documentation and reports bring the entire forensic process to the attorneys, judges, juries, and clients in a way that is complete and  easy to understand without overstating or understating conclusions.
  • Training is provided to forensic professionals to increase their knowledge, accuracy, and skill in reaching accurate conclusions.
  • The Double Loop Podcast brings the fingerprint field to hundreds of listeners around the world with in-depth discussions on every aspect of the discipline.
  • And finally, the beauty of the fingerprint pattern is revealed through high-quality, unique custom artwork.

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For defense attorneys:

Recent cases such as Brandon Mayfield and Lana Canen demonstrate how important it is for defense attorneys to have forensic evidence reviewed by highly qualified forensic professionals. If you have any question as to the accuracy of a fingerprint comparison, contact Ray Forensics for an independent review by a Certified Latent Print Examiner (CLPE). Conclusions and documentation should be reviewed for every case that is preparing for trial with fingerprint evidence. Every known latent print erroneous identification has been discovered by a highly qualified latent print examiner.
Preparing for trial? Seeking post-conviction relief? Begin with a free preliminary consultation to review the accuracy of any fingerprint conclusion.

For prosecutors:

Forensics in general and the field of latent prints in particular has come under increased attack from academic critics and the defense community. If the latent print examiner testifying in your case seems under-prepared for a vigorous cross examination on fingerprint admissibility or the modern latent print field in general, contact Ray Forensics for an independent review by a Certified Latent Print Examiner (CLPE). Latent print examination is a highly accurate and accepted forensic technique. Make sure that this evidence is admitted in your case.

AFIS Consultation:

As law enforcement agencies install or upgrade their AFIS systems (Automated Fingerprint Identification System), they may find themselves struggling to effectively write requirements documents or test all aspects of the new system. Ray Forensics has the expertise that your agency needs to craft specific requirements and test every aspect of an AFIS system to ensure that everything works as expected. Your AFIS vendor is counting on you to blindly accept their version of requirement documents and their incomplete testing process. Save yourself a decade of issues, bugs, and limited capability by holding your AFIS vendor accountable to installing a fully functional system.

For private clients:

The forensic field is not limited to law enforcement and criminal law. Private companies have an increasing need for forensic investigation and latent print examination. Contact Ray Forensics for any questions about how latent print processing and comparison can fit your needs for private investigation or civil law.


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