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Transforming Photoshop into a Latent Print Comparison Tool

More and more latent print examiners are using GYRO for the markup, analysis, and comparison of latent prints. During analysis examiners indicate their confidence in the presence of each minutiae point using Green (high), Yellow (medium), or Red (low) points. Orange points are used to indicate minutiae that are not marked during the initial analysis but are found after viewing the known exemplar prints. Glenn Langenburg’s 2011 paper on GYRO gives an in-depth explanation of the benefits of this system.

Photoshop was not specifically created for the examination of latent prints. However, this GYRO action file and the video below describe how to transform Photoshop into a tool to more completely and efficiently mark minutiae.

Marking minutiae location and direction using GYRO in Photoshop

Most latent print examiners using Adobe Photoshop are limited to only marking the minutiae points, while most AFIS software allows marking both the location and direction of the minutiae. This video shows how to adapt Photoshop to easily mark both minutiae location and direction while also still utilizing the GYRO system to mark your confidence in each minutiae point.

Download the following files to implement this on your system. Tested with Photoshop CC 2017. It may not operate in the same manner with other versions of Photoshop.
Lollipop Script
Lollipop Tool Preset
Lollipop Actions

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