gRAYscale Plugin for Photoshop

When a latent print examiner converts a color image into grayscale in Photoshop, she has a few different options. Simply changing the Image Mode to grayscale is the simplest, but doesn’t allow for any control over the conversion. Selecting a single color channel is also very simple, but also only allows minimal control. The Black & White or Color Adjustment tools in Photoshop offer careful control over conversion to grayscale, but it is often difficult and non-intuitive for latent print examiners to move multiple slider bars to find the best mix of adjustments.

The gRAYscale plugin allows latent print examiners to adjust the red, green, and blue channels simultaneously to find the perfect mix of colors that enhance the contrast between the ridges and the furrows. The gRAYscale plugin is available for Adobe Photoshop CC.

Price: $50 per license + $5 yearly maintenance fee

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