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Exclusionology GYRO in Photoshop
Course Length: 3 days – 8am – 5pm Course Length: 2 days – 8am – 5pm
Training Hours: 24 Training Hours: 16
Training Cost: $350 Training Cost: $300
Training Cost for Both Classes: $500
Class Location Local Contact
Broward County Sheriff’s Office – Cooper City Julissa Inclan
Multimedia Training Room Crime Lab Unit Manager
10580 Stirling Rd
Hollywood, FL 33026 954-831-5973


    Please complete the following form to register for Exclusionology: Research and Exercises and/or GYRO in Photoshop in Hollywood, FL from April 8 - 12, 2019. You will be contacted shortly to arrange for payment which can be completed at a later date.

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    Exclusionology: Research and Exercises AND GYRO in Photoshop (4/8-4/12)Exclusionology: Research and Exercises ONLY (4/8-4/10)                            GYRO in Photoshop ONLY (4/11-4/12)

    Registration Cost: $500.00 (USD) per attendee
    Registration Cost: $350.00 (USD) per attendee
    Registration Cost: $300.00 (USD) per attendee

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    *Please note that if class registration does not reach minimum attendance levels or if other unforeseen circumstances arise, that the class may be canceled or rescheduled. Registration cost will be refunded in the event that the class is canceled or rescheduled. However, Ray Forensics is not responsible for refunding any other expenses in the event that the class is canceled or rescheduled. Confirmation that the class has reached minimum attendance levels will be sent out by email. Please make your travel plans accordingly.

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