Episode 149 – White Box Exclusion Article

White Box Exclusion Article

White Box Exclusion Article

Eric Ray and Glenn Langenburg delve deep into the data from the White Box and Black Box studies regarding the exclusion decision (Factors associated with latent fingerprint exclusion determinations). Ulery, Hicklin, Roberts, and Buscaglia publish this data revealing a strong correlation between exclusion accuracy and the presence of a core or delta in both impressions. Glenn and Eric also look at how minutiae count and latent quality affect exclusion accuracy and then discuss the utility of the decision itself. Interesting stuff.

“These are all great numbers. How do you translate this into a system that the examiner can use during comparison that will help decrease errors, improve consistency between different examiner’s about the conclusion that they reach, and provide a basis for comparison that’s easily convertible into some sort of policy you can write down? You can have a somewhat straightforward rule that that can be implemented and improve all these things.

This is why I strongly believe that if with exclusion that it’s hard to look at these different things. So you find the thing in both prints that’s the same (the delta or the core). If both prints have one, then that’s the same in both. Then look for clear minutiae around it that are different then you have yourself an exclusion. I think that mindset can be written down to improve consistency between examiners and it hits all these things. It hits the core, the delta, the number of minutiae, and the LQ Metric.”

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